Fibrous Materials Engineering

The Fibrous Materials Engineering research group includes investigators with competences in textile and production engineering, namely in the manufacturing processes, materials and processes development, chemistry, physics and pharmacy.

Smart, multifunctional fibrous materials innovation and manufacturing is of paramount importance for European industries and instrumental in the generation of long-term economic growth and jobs.

The group is focused in the creation and transference of knowledge concerning fibrous materials and manufacturing processes and its application in multiple fields.

The general scientific objective of the group is to develop knowledge related with innovative materials resulting on fibrous products with functional and multifunctional abilities, with high added value and sustainable, as part of a global process of fibre based products design and engineering, incorporating fundamental knowledge in textile related sciences and industrial applications, towards the development of environmentally friendly finishing processes and functional products.

Fibrous Materials Engineering - Line Coordinator:

  • André Paulo Almeida Whiteman Catarino

Fibrous Materials Engineering - List of Researchers:




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