Research & Development at 2C2T

2C2T Projects:
Find here information about some of the research projects of 2C2T.
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Activity Reports:

Research project pages:

  • Vitexlink- Interactive protection garment
  • Intelsew – Sewing machines with Advanced Control Systems

Information about some of the other research projects:

  • Corona Discharge Equipment for The Textile Industry
  • On-Line Yarn Evenness Control
  • Textile fibre webs used for thermal insulation, made up of fibres and individual microcapsules fused together
  • Intelsew – Intelligent Control and Management of Sewing Machines
  • Flame resistance protection of thermal comfort materials for fire protection clothes
  • Frictorq® fabric friction tester
  • Cool shirt
  • Non-Destructive Testing of Leather
  • Enzymatic Processes in Textiles
  • Comfort Design in Protective Footwear for Cold Conditions
  • Artificial Ageing versus Real Time Ageing of Non Active Medical Devices
  • Knit+ integrated system for knitting process control
  • Design of light- weight wool fabrics; valorization and optimization of total comfort for high added value clothing
  • TEXTEST Multiaxial Testing Machine
  • Quick prototyping unit for advanced textile structures
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