2C2T Objectives

2C2T goals are centered in the development of innovative solutions in strategic and emergent areas involving the textile chain:

  • Development of new materials /products.
  • Innovative and improved manufacturing processes, methods, equipments and integrated systems.
  • Development of supporting technologies to materials/product engineering.
  • Development of new design methodologies, management and product marketing.


Besides research, 2C2T promotes research training leading to technology and knowledge transfer across different domains through the participation and promotion of Master and PhD Courses. Dissemination strategy includes presentation of research results through conference organization and also the establishment of cooperation protocols between the leading textile associations to promote the cooperation between the industry and university, towards sustainable competitiveness.
Internationalization continues to be a goal, either through the consolidation of networks of experts (European Textile Platform) and research institutions, either through the involvement in European standardization institutions and international committees (CEN,ISO).

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