About 2C2T (Centre for Textile Science and Technology)

The Centro de Ciência e Tecnologia Têxtil is a research unit of the School of Engineering of Universidade do Minho, developing research activities in the area of Fibrous Material Engineering and Design. Founded in 1978, the Centre is financed by the National Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) and recognized as Excellent in its field. The strategic project of 2C2T aims to enhance the competitive position of the European industries by building a knowledge base on science and technology of fibrous materials and processes.


The research activities are developed in tune with industrial needs, involving multidisciplinary teams and are organized in two research groups: Fibrous Material Engineering and Fibre-based Product Design. The research projects are developed together with the most important worldwide universities, companies and R&D centres, in a national or international basis, guarantying the dissemination of results. Contracts within cooperation protocols with individuals and companies provide shared access to technologies, entries into proprietary research and a rapid response team for national and international initiatives.

The groups explore several research approaches ranging from fundamental to applied research with special emphasis on real-world problems. The participation in international networks of experts, research institutions and European standardisation bodies opens wide chances to be in the leading edge in what concerns innovation opportunities.

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