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Guimarães is the world capital of natural fiber research

The World Association of Natural Fibers Research (WANFR) will be based in Guimarães and will be chaired by [+]

Dressings that actively heal wounds

The idea comes from the 2C2T Center of Science and Textile Technology of the University of Minho applying [+]

Somelos Fabrics under the sign of innovation

Known and recognized for the quality of its fabrics, Somelos Fabrics is also a pioneer in the creation [+]

Textiles of the future

The Department of Textile Engineering resilience was fruitfull and the Textile Engineering course at the University of Minho [+]

The right chemistry

The Master's Degree in Textile Chemistry has attracted many of the graduates in textile engineering, and is also [+]

«We try to anticipate the trend of the business»

For the next few years, Fernando Ferreira, director of 2C2T, anticipates that the future of the centre will [+]

Researcher from 2C2T nominated leading author in a united nations scientific body

Andrea Zille, a PhD researcher at the Centre for Textile Science and Technology (2C2T), was appointed lead author [+]

Inovafil yarns produce thermal energy and release vitamin E

To incorporate its innovation strategy, Inovafil launched the Nidyarn - R & D Nucleus for high-performance functional wires, [+]